Michael Saunders has International Real Estate Partners

At Michael Saunders & Company, we understand the importance of both local and global exposure to attract buyers. Through our real estate partnership with Mayfair International in the United Kingdom, we have created fabulous exposure for our seller’s listings with our international customers. This is an unparalleled opportunity for a seller’s home to receive global … Continue reading Michael Saunders has International Real Estate Partners

2017 Second Quarter Market Summary

Michael Saunders & Company has some interesting statistics and insights on the 2017 housing market! The market is strong yet changing. It’s a good time to understand the dynamics to guide your sell and buy decisions. Please click the link for the latest analysis of the 2017 second quarter housing market as seen by Drayton … Continue reading 2017 Second Quarter Market Summary

Sarasota Loves Her Dogs

Are dogs or diamonds a girl’s best friend? Recent reviews for the livability of our beautiful Sarasota area are now including our furry four legged friends in the equation. And yes, we do have jewelry stores for all those in need of diamonds (and golf courses, marinas, ball parks, beaches, and oodles of entertainment choices) … Continue reading Sarasota Loves Her Dogs

Who Do You Want To Trust?

Local realtors have local market knowledge that you can trust. Unlike numerous online websites that claim to accurately value a property, a local realtor knows the market in great depth. He or she knows the differences between seemingly similar homes and neighborhoods because they live there and work there. One of the larger online home … Continue reading Who Do You Want To Trust?

‘For Sale By Owner’ CEO Uses a Realtor!

A well-known phrase, “You Get What You Pay For”, has been made famous again. A former Founder and CEO of a popular ‘For Sale By Owner’ website was unable to sell his own home. After six months on the market without a satisfactory offer, the ‘For Sale By Owner’ CEO eventually hired a real estate … Continue reading ‘For Sale By Owner’ CEO Uses a Realtor!